Community Services

Water Supply

Elverson is entirely dependent upon local groundwater sources for water supply. Until recently, most Borough properties were served by individual private wells. The privately-held Elverson Water Company was established in 1989 with the advent of the Summerfield development, beginning operations in 1990. The water company makes use of high-capacity community wells and storage capacity of 50,000 gallons to serve a system of water lines extending through much of the built-up portion of the Borough. The groundwater is treated through the introduction of sodium hypochlorite and distributed by a hydropneumatic system delivering water pressure of 80-110 psi at each connection. Except for public fire hydrants, all connections are metered; they are recorded and billed quarterly.

Sewage Management

The first phase of the Borough's central sewage collection, treatment, and disposal system was constructed and became operational in 1989. The system is operated by the Municipal Authority of the Borough of Elverson. It utilizes a series of aerated ponds and sand filters, discharging the treated wastewater into the headwaters of the Conestoga River. The advent of Summerfield provided the catalyst for implementation of Phase II expansion of the Borough sewage disposal system. The 1991 plan revision had concluded that expansion of the existing system was the most cost-effective means of extending service. Today lines are extended throughout the built-up portions of the Borough, excepting only large-lot residential development and predominantly vacant parcels at the Borough's fringes. Most existing residential units are hooked up at this time. The expanded system has a capacity of 125,000 gallons per day (gpd); current flows average 48,000 gpd.

Solid Waste & Recycling

The Borough pays for waste collection from Borough general funds. Recycled materials, including all glass, newspaper, aluminum & tin cans, and #1 & #2 plastics, are collected at the same time. Each residential user is provided a recycling bin. The Borough also provides recycling for paper, magazines, catalogs, cardboard and non-waxed boxes. Residents may bring these items to a central drop-off location in the Borough one scheduled day each month.

Solid waste management costs to the Borough are offset in part by the sale of official Elverson trash bags. The fee per bag approach is deemed equitable in that it results in higher costs for heavier users. It also offers an incentive for consumers to minimize the waste stream and maximize recycling efforts in order to avoid unnecessary expense. Non-residential users are not provided service and must independently contract with waste haulers.

Curbside Trash Collection

Curbside Recycling

Drop-off Paper Recycling

Bulk Pick-Up

Leaf Collection

Christmas Tree Pick-Up


Paper (curbside)
Paper (drop-off)

Questions Regarding Trash & Recycling? Borough Manager 286-6420.

Emergency Services

The Elverson Fire Company, a volunteer company, has primary responsibility for coverage within Elverson and nearby areas. For several years, the Borough has earmarked funds to support the Fire Company. The Fire Company is provided back-up assistance through mutual-aid agreements with neighboring companies, coordinated by the County dispatcher. For any structure fire, there is assured back-up and the availability of specialists. Water for fire-fighting purposes is provided by public hydrants within the current service area of the Elverson Water Company, augmented by tanker trucks, and available surface streams and ponds. Available flow and residual water pressure provided by the water company meet accepted standards for fire protection.

The emergency medical needs of Elverson residents are served by the Elverson Ambulance Association, an arm of the Fire Company. The Association has a volunteer staff of eleven, including members who are otherwise employed as paramedics at area hospitals. The County's Emergency Management Services office coordinates disaster and evacuation planning. Elverson is part of the county-wide "911" system.

Law Enforcement

Elverson is provided police protection by the Pennsylvania State Police operating out of the Embreeville barracks.

Educational & Library Services

Elverson is part of the Twin Valley School District, which straddles the Berks/Chester County line to include Caernarvon, Robeson, Honey Brook, and West Nantmeal Townships and Honey Brook and New Morgan Boroughs as well.

No library facilities are located within Elverson. Borough residents are served by the Village Library in nearby Morgantown and by the Honey Brook Library. The programs of the Chester County Library also reach Elverson twice monthly with the appearance of the Chester County Bookmobile.

Other Utilities

Three utility companies which are not mentioned above are as follows: Pennsylvania Power & Light, based in Allentown, provides electric to the Borough. D& E Communications is Elverson's local telephone company. The area codes covering Elverson are 610 and 484. All exchanges within the Borough are either 286 or 913. Service Electric Cablevision of Birdsboro is the Borough's cable television provider.

Last Updated September 30, 2007